Enterprise Risk Management is a company-wide process that provides reasonable assurance for the company management that their corporate objectives, based on decisions informed by a comprehensive understanding of the company’s overall risk profile, structured information flows and mitigation of risks with targeted action plans, can be achieved.

The current baseline economic context, the consequent climate of general uncertainty and the evolving legislation – whether this affects a variety of business sectors or is specific to certain types of business, are making ever-more frequent and exacting demands on corporate management teams to correctly identify, assess, monitor and manage the risks to which they are exposed.

International best practice in terms of risk management and corporate governance has produced a significant improvement in the efficiency of corporate processes for the companies that have taken it on board, resulting in optimised costs and resources. No less significant is the progressive transformation of attitudes towards risk, which has evolved from ‘defensive’ into ‘proactive’ and is now aimed at both profiting from the ‘positive’ acceptance of risk, which since it is associated with uncertain outcomes can often be turned into an opportunity (e.g. by speculating on the varying price of raw materials to the company’s advantage), and by carrying out a dynamic risk analysis able to predict the onset of new risks or adjust existing ones. We offer risk and compliance management consulting with a combination of progressive management models, targeted training schemes and ad-hoc IT platforms.

Our approach combines the need for a robust, well-structured internal control system with the embedding of a new risk management culture at the company’s various organisational levels.

We support companies in designing and implementing a risk management system consistent with their business strategy and market opportunities.

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