Financial consulting is a service that’s requested increasingly often both by companies and private customers wishing to manage their banking relationships better, find new ways of financing and optimise their access to credit.

The consultants at IBBC Brokers have up-to-date knowledge of the financial situation and are selected from the best on the market. They provide experienced, highly-competent support with the backing of a sound, institutionally-credible and highly-efficient structure.

They all possess a strong technical background, empathy and the ability to overcome difficulties in total observance of regulatory standards and professional ethics.

Our job is to provide clear guidance for informed, objective choices, so that customers can identify the best credit products for their requirements and plan their future commitments in an informed way.

At the heart of our values are the people at whose service we put our expertise and our knowledge of the credit market.

The task we’ve set ourselves is to support our customers in their choice of products, in a calm, informed, knowledgeable and sustainable manner.

This we do with passion, ethics and total respect for legality.

Our daily work is based on three fundamental and incontestable pillars: honesty, humility and professionalism.

For companies, we offer a range of integrated services, including:

  • Analysis by the Bank of Italy’s Centrale dei Rischi (Central Credit Register)
  • Economic and financial analysis of the company
  • Analysis and monitoring of credit lines
  • Credit consultancy for improving company parameters
  • Cash flow management and financial and economic planning
  • Business plan and credit report processing

For private clients:

Main residence and second home mortgages
Mortgage restructuring
Completion of construction
Liquidity mortgages
Foreign resident mortgages
Mortgage subrogation
Substitution and liquidity

Personal loans
Salary-backed loans
Car loans
Furniture loans
Debt consolidation
Home loans
Advance severance-pay loans

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